Monnayeur Sacoche pour pièces et billets Maximize

Monnayeur Sacoche pour pièces et billets

  • Banana bag for servers, drivers, street vendors ... 
  • Storage capacity of 89 rooms in 8 tanks spring. 
  • 4 pockets for tickets, meal vouchers, checks ... 
  • Total value of items that can be contained: 99.52 euro s 
  • Adjustable belt. 
  • Convenient magnetic closure for receipts. 
  • Solid and reliable, can be used with one hand.

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39,00 €

How to work in public places has changed. The coins have replaced notes, most of the time customers pay their consumption bills and cash in small denominations. This is why EUROWALLET, a portfolio tailored to the euro currency, has been created. A door parts ergonomic euros for a clear and orderly currency manipulation to avoid loss of time and money. Working with EUROWALLET is simpler and faster than a regular wallet.
EUROWALLET is made from solid materials and quality. In addition to regular bill compartments, a door-to-measure pieces was created to euro coins for a clear separation and ease of use. Parts are extracted or inserted into a slot of a single finger gesture. For use even easier, you can wear EUROWALLET size thanks to its handy belt.