Coin rolls

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Coin rolls

With the coin pack Thecointainer : Travel light but tight, it makes cents !

thecointainer™ was developed in cooperation with banks and is an easy system to collect small change by.

With thecointainer™ banks can collect change, which is handed in by private clients or business people.

Regarding the level of security when verifying the contents of the packages, it is not necessary to count the change and re-pack it. The small change envelopes can be transferred on directly.

Because of the above mentioned advantages of our product, we can look back on up to 10 years of loyalty from our customers. Some examples of our clients are banks, also administrative departments, hotels, parking garages, supermarkets, sport studios, bars, churches, schools, bakeries, casinos, hospitals, motorways, discos, car washing stations etc., who all appreciate our product very much.