• Regarding the level of security when verifying the contents of the packages, it is not necessary to count the change and re-pack it. The small change coin packs can be transferred on directly.

    Travel light but tight, it makes cents !

  • Choose your most convenient money counter machine and increase your productivity in counting and sorting your coins.

    A complete range of coin counter machine

  • Une gamme complète de détecteurs de faux billets
  • A complete range of coin holders

    A complete range of coin holders

  • A complete range of Banknote counters

    A complete range of Banknote counters

  • Coin and notes accessories

    Coin and notes accessories

Distributor and manufacturer of products for an easy cash handling

Counterfeit detectors, banknote counters, coin counters and sorters, wallet and purse for Horeca, coin wrappers, coin packs in paper or in plastic,.

Thecointainer sprl develops, manufactures and distributes products to help you manage cash as detecting, counting and packaging, ... Discover our products for an easy cash processing as: counterfeit detectors, banknote counters, coin counters and sorters, wallet and purse for Horeca, coin and banknote wrappers, coin tubes, coin packs in paper or in plastic, coin holders, ...

Here are some examples: